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Checking MSA Quality

Meat Standards Australia Grading System

Enviromeat producers are keen to ensure customers are guaranteed the best eating experience. We utilse the Meat Standards Australia Grading System to provide a tenderess guarantee to our beef ...

Green tickTenderness Guaranteed

The MSA Grading system measures a range of attributes in the meat against a standard that has been scientifically proven in over 520,000 consumer taste tests to contribute to the eating quality of the meat.

Grading a carcasseThese include:

• Breed
• Age - via ossification not dentition
• Weight
• Sex
• Marbling
• pH
• Fat Colour
• Meat Colour
• Fat Cover
• Hang Method

Enviromeat carcasses are all hung using the MSA Tenderstretch method whereby the carcass is hung from the hip bone instead of by the achillies, the traditional method.

Tenderstretching carcasses has been scientifically proven to significantly increase the eating quality of selected cuts, in particular the striploin/porterhouse, the rump, topside and silverside.

MSA LogoCarcass feedback is provided to the retailer to identify minimum ageing requirements to maximise eating quality and the producer to help identify traits in the herd and improve breeding programs.

By underpinning Enviromeat with the MSA Guarantee, consumers of the product will enjoy a full-flavoured tender meal of the highest eating quality.

The MSA system also allows for DNA tracing from paddock to plate.

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Green tickFor more information about MSA visit                  www.msagrading.com.au

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