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Producer Enquiries

We welcome any beef & lamb producers to join in our group of Enviromeat producers...

Green tickEnvironmental Management System

The Enviromeat EMS is based on the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management.

It involves identifying the specific environmental challenges and impacts at the farm level, and works towards a do-check-montior program to help identify solutions or management options for each topic.

Issues typically identified in a typical Enviromeat EMS include:

• Water Quality
• Remnant Vegetation Protection
• Revegetation
• Chemical Management
• Fertiliser Management
• OH&S issues
• Grazing Management
• Soil Erosion
• Salinity Management
• Biodiversity
• Carbon Management
• Pest Plant & Animal Management
• Catchment Management

Green tickPeer & External Audits

The Enviromeat EMS system is managed through a process of peer audits and periodical external audits to ensure the system remains compliant with the ISO 14001 system.

Enviromeat is not certified ISO 14001 as the costs association with frequent external audits is prohibitive, however the Enviromeat EMS system is compliant with ISO and with increased external audits could be certified in the future.

Green tickGippsland Based

All Enviromeat suppliers are based in the Gippsland region of Victoria, including Phillip Island and the Mornington Peninsula. All animals are processed at our abattoir partners R Radford & Son, Warragul.

Green tickGrass-Fed Free Range Beef

Enviromeat is based on a free-range pasture system. Supplimentary feeding during tougher seasonal conditions such as changes to the seasons or in winter are permitted using ad-lib silage, hay and in some cases access to grain feeders but only in a predominantly pasture-based setting.

Green tickNo hormonal growth promotants or antibiotics

Enviromeat is HGP-Free. Producers are permitted to use antibiotics as a normal part of animal husbandry if required due to illness or injury to animals, but antibiotics are not used in a preventative manner.

Green tickMSA Licensed Producers

All producers of Enviromeat are required to be licensed under the MSA system. For more information visit:
» www.msagrading.com.au

» Download an MSA Producer Registration Form

Green tick Gippsland Natural Meats Producer Registration

To register your interest please:
» Download the Gippsland Natural Meats Producer Registration Form (.pdf) or
» Download the Gippsland Natural Meats Producer Registration Form (.doc) or
» Return by fax 9428 4676 or email pscrock@bigpond.com

Green tickFor more information

Download the document: Supplying Gippsland Natural Meats.