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About Us

Enviromeat is Australia's first environmentally certified beef brand, raised on the lush pastures of the high rainfall Gippsland region of Victoria.
In choosing Enviromeat you are making a conscious decision to support holistic environmental mangement at a farm level.
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Free-range, grass-fed healthy beef

grassOur cattle are healthy, well-fed livestock raised on lush pastures of the high rainfall Gippsland region of Victoria, allowed to roam free and carefully managed to minimise stress.

Beef from such grass-fed farms compared to intensive feedlot production systems has been shown to contain elevated concentrations of vitamin A, vitamin E, increased levels of omega-3, a more desirable omega-3:omega-6 ratio, and increased levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), all with favorable biological effects on human health.

Green tickEnvironmentally certified

We have embraced a world-class farm management system that assess the environmental impacts of our farming activities, and developed procedures to manage and reduce these impacts.

We monitor progress, and improve farming practices in the areas of grazing management, soil and fertiliser management, weed and pest management, chemical management, biodiversity and water quality. This system is vertified by an external auditor and is compliant with ISO 14001.

We strive for continued environmental improvement at the farm level.

Guaranteed TenderGreen tick No artificial hormones or antibiotics

Unlike most feedlot-produced beef, Enviromeat uses no artificial growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics.

Green tickGuaranteed tender

Enviromeat uses the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system to guarantee a consistently tender meat and eating experience.

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